Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Different but the same / contrasting loveliness





[above photographs by James Merrell]


[via pixdaus]


Rose said...

How I would love a house like that second photo, complete with red door!
And that last photo is SO cute! I wonder who won ;)


Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous post!
Looooove those lamps!


studioJudith said...

So SO good to see your
SpecialSpark here in this Oh So Chrisy

Know that I was totally incapable of responding to your last remarkable comment ... . simply because I couldn't stop crying. I was on the verge of booking a ticket to Australia just to give you a hug.

Since my credit card is maxxed out -
I'll just have to send you
(yet another!) VirtualHug-


The Stapelia Company said...

That picture of the baby playing chess is priceless. So many beautiful images here. :)

Joanna Jenkins said...

Love that little bare-bottomed toddler with the cat :-)
I don't know where you find these but I'm always so inspired by your images. Thanks,

Snowbrush said...

I like the chess game best.

I was struck by incongruities in the top two. The raggedy-ass hair style and slouchy demeanor stand in contrast to the artistic beauty in the top photo as does the ill-placed bicycle in the second photo.

The hot looking chick in the third photo is definitely more to my liking. Whoa--way pretty!

Hey Harriet said...

Love that chess photo! My money is on the cat to win! Hope you're having a great week Chrisy :)

Nishant said...

Gorgeous post!
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Dana Chabino said...

Really like your blog! Glad I found it!

Love the photo of the boy & cat playing chess!

Galit said...

The photos by James Merrell are amazing. Never heard of him before so thanks for the introduction.
Great Thursday post!!

Mimi said...

I adore the eclectic style! I love these kinds of pictures.

Hope all is well, sending my love

xo xo

Sam said...

Swoon swoon! Oh how I would adore to live in that house with the movable glass wall! *sigh*!

Anonymous said...

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