Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Birdie Birdie Num Num

Photobucket Photobucket1. Unusual Fascinators 2. Bonds of Steel 3. Apple Art 4. Karols Dingden 5. Miss Be Designs 6. Pathos 12 7. Poem by Richard LeGallienne 8. Nora Karen


Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Scrumptious pictures and beautiful words!

planettreasures said...

Gorgeous picks.
Love the shoes and the ring.

Yvonne said...

Whoa, these are fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Love the fascinator.

wobblinbetty said...

loving the bird theme!!

kj said...

ahahaha chrisy! it is easy for anything to distract me, but chirps and leaves in flight are double easy.

an evocative set here. :^)

ps i adore love am enthralled with your energy and zest. you make me laugh outloud. :^)

Katrina Jackson said...

I love that poem. It's wonderful. And those shoes? Fabulous! Really the whole set is stunning.

Couture Carrie said...

Very cool theme for a post!
Love those shoes!


Joanna Jenkins said...

All so beautiful... And I'd love a pair of those shoes! So fun.


Sam said...

What a fun post! Love the top right hand corner piccie of the pretty girl! We have a lot of birds singing their hearts out near our house at the moment and I absolutely love it!

susan said so said...

oh my goodness, i love that poem by Richard Le Galliene! I memorized it the very first time I read it back in high school, and have carried it in my heart ever since. In fact, when I set up my home office this summer (Plan B, you know), I slid a little calligraphy piece of the poem under the plexiglass on my desk. It's one of the first things I see when I sit down to work every morning, and it still makes me smile every time.

I love all the birdies, too - especially the silver ring!