Monday, September 3, 2012

Head over heels....

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I was drawn to the pictures above not just because of the beautiful headpieces, but by the exquisite photography skills of these artists. Go check out their stores for more inspiration - top to bottom, 1. Honey Pie Love 2. The Prancing Fox 3. Myrakim 4. The House of Kat Swank
And now for the heels section of the post... Have you noticed those beautiful old wooden shoe lasts for sale? Just do an etsy search and you'll find plenty, all reasonable priced. Below are some ideas for displaying them at your place.
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1. Bookend from Budget Vintage 2. Hat n Coat Hanger via Mamie Janes 3. Planter from Airy Obsessions 4. Shoe Display Tree via Forever Decorating


Couture Carrie said...

Beautiful and fun post, darling!
Love the animal portraits!


Myrna R. said...

Hi Chrisy. I'm back. Glad to see your diverse blog again. I love your ancestors.

Hot Fudge said...

Your ancestors look incredibly like mine Chrisy - we could be long-lost cousins. Great Aunt Athena has to be my favourite. Love them!

Jessica Cangiano said...

I adore the vintage feel to the first group of photos - especially the beautiful one of the woman holding up an old mirror. She looks like a flapper getting ready to hit the town.

Wishing you a deeply gorgeous September,
♥ Jessica

Bonnie said...

I can see why you love these pictures. The first one really caught my eye.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Hip Brown said...

love this post! oh my those photos and the wooden shoes... such lovely things indeed. xx

Katrina Jackson said...

Wow, those wooden shoes! You might have convinced me to get some! I hope you are well and extremely happy! Thank you for your kind words on my post. So far, things seem to be getting better, thank you. :) Take care!

The Garage Starlets said...

Great photos!

Mitha Komala said...

simply love these pics! <3

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