Friday, August 27, 2010

Deep....and still




underwater sculptures by Jason de Caires Taylor

The primative sea

A statue rests



Sam said...

Wow wee! That is incredible! It reminds me a little of the entombed warriors but more mysterious and wonderful ...and disturbing (just a bit!). Thank you Chrisy - so nice to see you back online - shall go see if I've missed any other recent posts! Hope the move went well too! XOXO's

José said...

Oh this is so beautiful!! And yes a bit disturbing. Secretive, frozen in time.... thanks for sharing.

Jeana Marie said...

wow - it's mind-boggling, no? Hope you are well. We are back down under and so happy to be home.


susan said so said...

Yes, yes! beautiful, intriguing, and disturbing. You find the most amazing things to share!!


Couture Carrie said...

So amazing!


Rose said...

My gosh, this post certainly gave me goosebumps! I thought they were real people :) so glad they arent haha. But amazing how someone thought to sculpture this type of thing.


kj said...

scary! i would not want to have these folks show up at a party or god forbid in my bedroom!!!!!


Anonymous said...

it is tad creepy, but beautiful..of course the first thing is..why??

Have to go search him now..

Sarah Lulu said...

Oh that was very strange and touched me.

wobblinbetty said...

this is kind of weird, sick and beautiful at the same time!

cabin + cub said...

that is very cool. makes me want to learn to scuba, just so i can see it in person! ;)

Joanna Jenkins said...

Wow, could you imagine scuba diving and coming across that! It would scare the daylights out of me-- at first, but it's so cool.
Cheers, jj

Grand Purl Baa said...

Spooky. Real spooky.
LERVE this.

Galit said...

This is beautiful and mesmerizing and disturbing all at the same time. I reckon that's what good art is about. It really touches you in a way and make you move in your chair and think. So interesting.

William said...

Holy cow. Those pictures are awesome! I feel sorry for the guy growing barnacles in his eye, though.

elsiee said...

absolutely haunting... I hope you are well my sweet, you are in my thoughts

lyptis said...

Those are awesome! I've seen them before, but having a closer look at them they are just magical!