Thursday, May 26, 2011

When I Am Among the Trees


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When I am among the trees,
especially the willows and the honey locust,
equally the beech, the oaks and the pines,
they give off such hints of gladness.
I would almost say that they save me, and daily.

I am so distant from the hope of myself,
in which I have goodness, and discernment,
and never hurry through the world
but walk slowly, and bow often.


Around me the trees stir in their leaves
and call out, “Stay awhile.”
The light flows from their branches.

And they call again, “It’s simple,” they say,
“and you too have come
into the world to do this, to go easy, to be filled
with light
, and to shine.”

['When I Am Among the Trees' by Mary Oliver - a poem for each of us because we do forget don't we, forget to go easy, forget how we are each filled with light, how we each naturally shine]

an update on animated gifs - i've found a very easy free program for playing with. the quality isn't great but it's fun. go here to try. here's one that i made with a photo of our shrine at the buddhist centre last week, overlayed by a pic of the full moon.



Julia said...

Hi Chrisy,
Thanks for the vote of confidence!..I look forward to seeing what I will end up putting in , yes I would like to put my journal pagesd in, but they might not fit the exhibition layout/running..x.julia,

Rose said...

I wish I could be amoungst those green trees right now. But alas im sick in bed.
Thanks for the lovely poem youve shared, your posts are always so unique.


Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous post, darling!


The Stapelia Company said...

Great eye as always. I love that tree with the birds in it... lovely. :)

Chrisy said...

As I try to visit you my friends I find google / blogger being quite contrary...I've found it helpful to comment by not using my Google name but scrolling down to Name / URL and leaving a comment that way...takes longer but isn't as frustrating as writing a long comment and having it deleted...Now I need to go out and sit under a tree for awhile...

REread said...

the wee booties at cute, I could use them now sitting here in this cold room.

lyptis said...

I love this! You have such an eclectic taste women. I shouldn't be surprised, but i'm still impressed!;)

Anonymous said...

oh, cute little girl looking full from goodies under the tree!
Love these pictures!

Dilan Dilir said...

nice post :)

Sandra Evertson said...

The forrest is my favorite... looks so peaceful!
Sandra Evertson