Sunday, August 5, 2012

Baby love...

Parents bring home a newly-born baby. Their 4-year-old daughter insists on speaking to her new sibling - alone, she insists. The amused parents leave, but stand at the doorway for easy eavesdropping. Their daughter gets close to the infant and urgently whispers: 'Quick! Tell me where we came from and why we're here. I'm beginning to forget!' (story from Richard Rohr's book, Things Hidden) 
photo via pixdaus
I've just discovered Franciscan writer and speaker Richard Rohr through a dear friend. After listening to one talk I can see much wisdom there. I love Rohr's idea that we come into the world as pure spiritual beings and it's only through conditioning over the first seven years that this knowing fades. But we can reclaim this knowing through meditation /prayer and reflection.

For all those precious babies I've had the honor of knowing -

I talk and you listen
that's all you do
And yet I see
in the eyes of you
The pattern of life
fall into place
The truth reflected
in your face.

ps I have no idea where I found the fabulous animated gif at the top of this post but big thanks to whoever composed it.


kj said...

aw chrisy, how great that i've arrived here just now. thank you, my friend.

you are invited to my kitchen anytime :^)

this reminds me:

a little girl asked her father what he did for work.
he said, ' i teach grownups how to draw.'
the little girl gasped.
"You mean they forgot?"

hee hee


Hot Fudge said...

So true. And that first image is so heart-tuggingly (is that a word?) beautiful.

Hip Brown said...

Oh lovely, such a sweet philosophy/ way to view lil people. Will have to research this Richard Rohr some more. Gorgeous pic you found too!

Hip Brown said...

Oh lovely, such a sweet philosophy/ way to view lil people. Will have to research this Richard Rohr some more. Gorgeous pic you found too!

Couture Carrie said...

Lovely post, darling!

Happy Sunday :)


Jessica Cangiano said...

As a child I thought that I'd mature and feel somehow like an adult (whatever that means), yet am happy to say that even in my late 20s, I still feel much as I did when I was a child in some respects. Sure I matured and happily live in the grownup world, but blessedly, I did not loose touch completely with the same soul I was in my earliest years. This intriguing post cannot help but make me reflect on this point.

♥ Jessica

Bonnie said...

That first picture is gorgeous.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Sam said...

Oh that picture! Your post reminds me that I need to meditate more Chrisy - thank you! Xo

Queen of the Tea Cosies said...


Myrna R. said...

Many years ago, my husband and I attended several of Richard Rohr's seminars. He's great. So intelligent and such an insightful spiritual leader. I recommend you read him some more. I learned much from him.

I love the photos here.

Always nice to visit your blog.

julie @ tractorgirl said...

Ah Chrisy! I always love popping into your blog every now and then - there are always new treasures to be seen and savoured. (And yes, I must meditate more too. Thanks for the reminder.) xxx

Chrisy said...

Oh dear can't believe my chickadees that it's been 9 days since I posted this! It's been very busy here with a little chicken in hospital,,,,now doing fine...and a few other I wait for some inspiration! I have done some new prints...head over to the store at for a looky see....take care dear kind to yourself....