Friday, March 6, 2009


Rubix Cub by Vinyl Wall Design

Wall decals are an inexpensive removable decorating tool. Here are a few unusual ones.
The word ‘decal’ is derived from the French word ’decalquer’ and was coined by Simon François Ravenet about 1750. In the late 1800s the word ‘decalcomania’ meaning ‘decal craze’ or ‘love of decals’ was coined. And even today, ‘decalcomania’ is still a common word for decals in many countries. Other names for decals have been ‘mineral transfers’ in the United States, ‘lithographs’ and ‘lithoplanies’ in Europe, ‘diaphanies’ and ‘cockamanies’ in England - this is where the word ‘cockamamie’ comes from!

You'll feel a bit like you're part of the old movie The Land of the Little People with these guys climbing up your walls.

Get a Grip from Elly Nelly

When the creative juices stop flowing sit under this decal for a bit of inspiration.

Lightening Bolt by Vinyl Fruit

Add an extra thrill to the bedroom with this spiderweb bedhead.

Spider Headboard by ShaNickers

Go travelling without leaving home with this decal.

Africa by Bad Ass Custom Decals

For something 'out of this world' how about this decal porthole. This shop will also put your own photograph into a porthole.

Custom Porthold by Wilson Graphics

And a little bit of do it yourself inspiration from Decorate It Youself.


Michelle said...

Love those little people!

REread said...

yeah i love these ... i have been looking for the perfect one for awhile ... i like words.

lyptis said...

Oh, i love the porthole one!

Endless possibilities!
(And u were right Maadin is a bit cheeky)

we just had a little earthquake in Melbourne, how exiting!:)

The Stapelia Company said...

I'm loving these decals! And I'm glad you got your elephant print okay and that you like it. Thank you again for ordering! :D

Victoria said...

Cool stuff, I love the little people!!

boylerpf said...

The little people are really neat and the porthole would definitely work everywhere ;D!

Trish Goodfield said...

My favourite is Africa. I could see myself living with that while the others are clever but I would get bored with them very quickly. The rubics cube made me shudder, I used to get so frustrated with those things that I would throw them at the wall.

Lin said...

Love that Africa one! Awesome!

Miji said...

the climbing people are so fun to look at. some of these are very creative.

Hey Harriet said...

I love the travel words/Africa one best of all. Not too keen on having a spiderweb above my bed! It's cool and clever though :)

Anonymous said...

Hey grrl, thanks for all the great comments... I was getting shakey so I had to climb a palm tree and string up a tin can for reception... just to visit my faves...thanks for the sophism fix. I can relax now.

Tinniegirl said...

I think the Rubix Cube is my favourite.

Sam said...

Gosh! Aren't these decals all the rage at the moment? I like the ones you've chosen here - very imaginative!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Just wanted to say thank you so much for featuring my Tibetan shrine on your web site. What an honor!!! Sincerely, Kerry Kage Harp (assemblage artist)