Monday, March 9, 2009

A Postcard From Dulcie

Dear Beatrice,

It was wonderful to go out to the letterbox, expecting to find the usual assortment of bills and senior discount offers, and discover your postcard. I was pleased to hear that you've rediscovered postcard writing through What an assortment they have! Why you can even buy wooden ones now!

Wooden Postcard from Attila Design

And postcards from all corners of the globe. Did I mention that the Senior Club is doing a day trip to the Lapidary Expo? It might be worth the trip particularly since Gertrude's organising it. Her son's the one with the winery remember?

Hidden Beauty postcard from 7e9ah

Oh I bet you were surprised to see the quilted postcards. Were you reminded of those sampler quilts that we made with Sister Mary Immaculata? Talk about a clueless lot. No wonder the poor woman had a nervous breakdown; though Theresa-Margaret's admission that she was having improper thoughts about Father What-A-Waste was probably the last straw.

Quilted Postcard by Collectin Cat

Speaking of years ago, some of those on offer take me back to our chilhood days when we'd play out in the fresh air all day. Well we had no choice really did we dear.

In the Garden Postcard Set from Little Mo and Friends

Others remind me of some of those hobbies that we've undertaken over the years. I still wear that crocheted plaid deerstalker jacket and matching hat when the weather gets chilly, and I notice your basketweave tea cosy is still going strong.

Knitting Hands Postcards from Local Gringos

And some of the postcards on offer just fill you with the joy of living. Which reminds me, let's do try that Seniors' Dance one more time. I know it was a trial last time with the 10 to 1 female ratio, and Raymond's body odour...but maybe our luck will change...

Reverie Postcards from A Fanciful Twist

It's so lovely to connect with somebody you love through a few words on a postcard.

from Live a Fabulously Creative Life Blog

So pleased you chose me dear Beatrice to share yours with.

I shall hang it with the others and think of you whenever I see it.

Photo by Tamara Dulva on flickr

Your friend always, Dulcie

PS No doubt you've seen the free Avant Cards at the Chantilly Teahouse. If you'd like to see your art work featured on one of these cards download the 'Calling All Artists' pdf from the Avant Cards website. I think your straw daisy arrangements would look lovely on them. It’s free and you get 1000 cards of your own if yours gets the okay. I'll expect plenty of postcards from you then my dear! See you at 5 for the usual predinner sherry?


AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

wow..just beautiful

7e9ah said...

wonderful selection of postcards! Thank you so much for including my hidden beauty postcard set!

Michelle said...

How cool!

We have a similar thing with the free postcards here in daughter has a wall full of them.


helena said...

ah postcards, definitely love receiving them in my mailbox:) Love how these are framed and hung too! So wonderful to meet other artists! Thanks for featuring Little Mo's set! xxx

Lisa said...

wow- i love the postcards- the knitting hands are perfect xxx

skywind said...

WOW. Are quite beautiful.
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The World at The Present

Hey Harriet said...

Oh what a charming post. I always enjoy receiving postcards, so I should make more of an effort to send them. I've seen a few Aussie Etsy artists featured on those Avant Cards. Such a great idea!

ButtonsByLouLou said...

Great collection of things around your theme as usual. I love receiving mail - real mail - still. Haven't heard of Avant cards - good idea.

ArtSnark said...

Fun & lovely pics

Splendid Little Stars said...

utterly inspiring.....totally fun.....Oh, I want to run and go create something right NOW!

boylerpf said...

I have never heard about quilted o wooden post cards. How cool is that? I love getting letters or postcards in the mail...they last forever unlike and email!

SewMuchDetail said...

Congrats on such a wonderful blog, please see my blog for a special award for being sew Kreativ:-)

Victoria said...

Fun and creative post!
I love old postcards, and marvel at how much they were sent to keep in touch or mark special days, once upon a time ago. There is a great shop near by, with loads of old postcards for sale. Some rainy days I go, pull up a chair, and just lose myself for hours going through them!

flossy-p said...

ooo, I have so many postcards too. They're cool!

Cherry Lane Jane said...

That does feel good to get a hand written card from someone you love! I got one from an online group friend that was quilted and it made my day:)

Clare said...

What a fun post! Beautiful selection of postcards!

Little Jane St said...

It is such a thrill to get something unexpected in the mail! The beauty of these would make it even more special!