Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A wedding...


recycled lampshades at Flossy and Mr You's wedding feast

Well that heading got your attention didn't it. No it's not mine. I’m not usually a weddingy person and don’t have any intention of starring in one but just reading about Flossy P and Mr You's wedding has been so lovely that I got inspired to do a little wedding post. I highly recommend heading over to Flossy's place, taking a pew, and enjoying the wedding. You'll go away feeling uplifted - and with fabulous decorating ideas as well.


all under $50, from top left clockwise: 1. maternity bridal gown from lady elizabeth designs 2. vintage pink with shawl collar from dollyrocker vintage 3. vintage green formal dress from yellow dog vintage 4. girls attendant dress from the bitsy bean 5. short white dress from aptvwt 6. short maroon velvet dress from sunny sunday vintage 7. caramel velvet from popettes 8. cream long sleeved vintage dress from nod to mod vintage 9. floral halter from the grace boutique 10. mens jacket from vintage suits 11. square neck black dress from vintage suits 12. black halter from nicole kimberley

So, for my wedding post I gave myself the challenge of staying at $50 or under for clothing or accessories. There were so many fabulous inexpensive ‘gowns’ and men's outfits to be had on Etsy. Or you could just skip the new outfit and wear any old thing coupled with one of these accessories and nobody would notice the outfit.


all under $50, from top left clockwise: 1. earrings from realisation creations 2. lace belt from chez kevito 3. black lace necklace from white owl 4. poppy necklace from luxe deluxe 5. veil from mariso lapiricio 6. peacock hair clip from nyjole jewellery


Sunny Sunday Vintage said...

Hi there from California! Thanks for the the other items you picked out :) The peacock feather hair clip is sweet but funky, totally digging it.

nyjolejewellery said...

Wow what a fabulous Blog, very mod! thanks for featuring my Peacock feather fascinator. I'm off to read more...♥

Deb - Two Cheeky Monkeys said...

Oooh, lovely finds! It really makes me wish I could get married all over again!

Rose said...

ahh I cant wait to get married one day:)
I wish my friends would start getting married so I could go to more weddings, theyre so much fun arent they!


Sandra Darling ~ Visual Art Creations said...

another gorgeous blog Chrisy! You always featured the loviest stuff! I just love love love the lampshades in the tree .... I think this would be gorgeous for any party and the dresses and jewelry are all so want worthy :) xoxo

ArtSnark said...

wonderful selections! Can't catch the vid yet as my sound is still out. Looks interesting tho.

Thanks for popping by. Think the manic comes from not posting Random Tuesday for awhile. I have a backlog of linkies piling up!

thegraceboutique said...

Love reading your blog, great ideas and interesting finds!
Thanks for featuring my white floral halter wrap dress, it was a best seller for me.
Keep writing!!

NodtoMod Vintage said...

all of these picks are fabulous! i adore all of them! i cant wait for spring and this is making me dream about it:) i appreciate it! off to twitter your blog- its fabulous! xo

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous collages, darling!


Shawnee said...

Thanks for adding our 60's bridesmaid dress...a must have for today's eco friendly wedding!

Dollyrocker Vintage said...

Lovely blog you have here and great entry! Thanks so much for including my vintage dress!

flossy-p said...

Gulp, I think I may be blushing. Thanks so much :)

Hey Harriet said...

I'm not a big weddingy person either but did just pop over to the Flossy blog & loved the photos. Some very gorgeous and inexpensive ideas! And as always I love your finds Chrisy! Hope you're having a great week :)

Queen of Dreamsz said...

I love the recycled lamps in the tree...and that peacock hair clip! Wouldn't matter what else you had on with that in your hair. :0) Everyone would be following you around just to get a closer look.

Hope you are having a great day!

♥ Love & Faerie Dust ♥

cabin + cub said...

I am loving your jewelry picks!

This is the first year in 8 that we are not going to a wedding... it was a bit of wedding fervour for awhile... but it's only March now.. so still early to tell.

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Chrisy! Another magical post, sweetie! The inexpensive wedding attires you chose are beautiful and all the accessories are simply gorgeous. My favorite is the peacock hair clip. So diva! I just loved the film! I just sipped on my coffee and enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks for sharing!

Also, thanks so much for your loving visit as always! I really appreciate all your interpretations of my art journal entry.

Lisa :)

Joanna Jenkins said...

I am officially blown away today! Loved everything about today's post from your selections to Floppy's wedding the the film short! You are smokin!

I've been on the run and so glad I was able to catch up on this feast today!

Hope all's well with you.

Jeana Marie said...

oh how fun! Loving the tree lampshades, and the gowns...makes me want to walk down the aisle all over again with a totally new style!

kj said...

hello chrissy, thank you for stopping by my blog and for your very kind words about my writing.

your fashion choices are awesome! i don't know if you know that despite my escalating age and weight i am an aspiring babe (!) so i love looking at what's here.

like so many of us, we are preparing to lose our beloved renee and it is difficult and confusing. it's easy to want to believe it won't happen. but i know she is and will remain a senior angel for her family and friends and her place in our hearts is iron clad tight.

feel free to stop by anytime. i would like to come back here to linger as well.


susan said so said...

LOVE this! I sent a link for the blog to my soon-to-be daughter-in-law; she and my son will be married on our hilltop in the fall, and I think they'll find lots of wonderful ideas in this sweet wedding.


Natalia said...

Some delicious choices here - I'm thrilled to have been included - thank you! I love the halter dress from The Grace Boutique - gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

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