Tuesday, July 28, 2009


There aren't dozens, or hundreds, but thousands of hibiscus flowers blooming at my place. And yes it's winter here. How lucky am I. None of this gardening is my handywork. I just get to enjoy it and be grateful.

Paper Bag Magnets - One and Onlys - incorporating original polaroids and ephemera - House of Cards from You and Amy

My friend Bill, he said
I could leave the horizon
Alone, let the sky
Be spacious, the sun

Polaroid Originals - One and Onlys - The Lost Girl diptych by Pauline Von Aesch of Peau

Shine high, and pay attention
To how the grass bends.
He said the heart moves
To the sway of the green fern,

Polaroid Original - One Only - We Carved Images Into The Earth by Quiet Darling

To the way one small seed
Falls into fertile
Soil, how squirrel scolds when I
Come too close to her.

Polaroid Original - One and Only - Headdress from T Suru Foto

He said, follow love.

'Follow Love' by Christopher. This is one of those poems that wriggles its way into your subconscious, and stays. I found Christopher via Michelle another insightful poet/writer /artist. And a song clip with a polaroid feel from Ladytron.

Below is the last page from the 365 Days of Gratefulness Polaroid Project recently completed by Brisbane photographer Hayley Bartholomew. Visit HERE to be inspired by all Hayley's photos and notes.



Jetta's Nest said...

I remember the anticipation and excitement of waiting for a polaroid photo to develop! Much more exciting than the instant gratification of the digital world we live in now. I've started using my old camera lately....just to have the excitement again of not knowing what the photos are like until they're developed....aaahhh, the simple things :)

June said...

Oh how brilliant. Poloroids, they are so like a gift dont you think ? Not like the digi, take and manipulate photos we have. Brilliant blog Chrisy.
Thanks also for supporting my new venture with dezinaworld ... your an angel :)
Hugs June x

Sarah Lulu said...

Polaroids ....wow I remember them so well.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Yours is delicious!

Rose said...

I never had a polaroid camera...but i wish i did. Technology isnt always a good thing is it! I love those last 4 poloroids.


Hey Harriet said...

Oh sweet polaroids! Sadly my beloved old polaroid camera is gathering dust :( Love the 'Quiet Darling' photo! Thanks for sharing the Hayley Bartholomew link. I'll enjoy checking that out a little later. Hope you've recovered from being sick and you're feeling super good now :)

lyptis said...

Love polaroids, they are so.., like from a different time!

And flowers are great, especially in winter!:)

All the Best to u Chrisy and im happy ure better now,

studioJudith said...

Hibiscus in WINTER???!
Why, that's almost as amazing as opening the mailbox and finding an Our Lady of Perpetual
Cash Flow ... . . with all the tiny beads in her crown, totally intact! ! !
She's Divine.
The fact that you somehow crawled to a mailbox to send her on her way while you were so very sick,
makes her especially precious.
Merci Madame C. ....

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

How lucky we are to nature blooming upon us when we expect cold and bleakness(is that a word).
I love the Polaroid 365 project...I would love to be as disciplined...Hmmm, perhaps one day.
I did try to go with a post a day, but have missed a few since finishing my Mural.
THANK YOU for your kind words...I'm pleased you can by and left a comment.
GREAT post as always!

flossy-p said...

By the Way, I got my Artful Planners this week too! I'm glad you like yours! They're sweet aren't they?

Michelle said...

Oh wow, thank you for the mention.....though if anyone goes to visit this week they will cop an ear full of whinging :)
Christopher is great isn't he!


Renee said...

Chrisy what an amazing idea. I think I might try to steal it. Not with polaroids but just pictures.

I always feel like I am not thankful enough.

Love you dear friend.

Love Renee xoxo

Dreamgirl said...

I do remember my Polaroid camera... Oh, it's such a long time ago.

Thanks for sharing!
Just dropping by to wish you a Happy Wednesday and tell you that I'm giving away a subscription to House Beautiful magazine at www.sweeterliving.blogspot.com

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Love this and love Polaroids... so remind me of my dad's camera (up on the shelf in the front room), I think I see his sunburned hands taking photos while us kids are waterskiing back in the "olden days". Love your blog. Thanks for visiting my studio twice, you made my day.

Chrisy said...

Yes I share your love of the polaroid...if only the film was less expensive...but maybe it would be worth it to do a project like Hayley's...

ArtSnark said...

Polaroids are the best! Love the hands on aspect - then there is that fun touch of randomness, wondering how it will turn out.

Not to mention all the fun manipulations you can do. PS is very cool, but I prefer the physical act of manipulating an emulsion transfer

Gabbi said...

Lovely polaroids and song. Very much a fan of Ladytron.

Sam said...

AH! Ladytron!! Love, love (fave song is "EVIL"!). Did you know that they got their name from an old Roxy Music song? I just found that out the other day! Great post!