Thursday, July 30, 2009

Not the horses birthday


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Coming up to 1 August, the horses’ birthdays here in the Southern Hemisphere, I thought I’d do a little horsey post. Well it was hijacked. By a horned one. In that space at the outer corner of my eye where shadows dwell, that elusive unicorn kept appearing making sure that he, and not his horsey cousin would be the feature of this post. Who knows. Maybe the unicorns have their own celebration on the eve of the horses birthday, just nudging their more common cousins out of the way.


Above and below: Wall Mural for twin girls from William the Artist from Tulsa Oklahoma on Flickr


Apparently the horses are quite miffed at the number of books and movies starring the unicorn made in the last few years. They are particularly scathing of writers such as Josephine Bradley citing her novel In Pursuit of the Unicorn as ‘fantasy on wheatgrass’!


Wall Mural from Arteriors, Natick

Patient as a candle flame, inviolate, here is our guardian, keeper of the silent unknown. The unicorn holds many secrets: the secrets of jungles and moonlight, the secrets which lie hidden at the roots of trees and conceal themselves in coral labyrinths beneath the ocean. I look deep into its amber eyes and see my own reflection, but altered in line and light, as if in a dream.

The unicorn stands alone, still as frost. It keeps watch down corridors of time. The past and the future meet in the presence of the unicorn: the darkness and light become one.


From Etsy Sellers left to right 1. Unicorn Tunic from Devani Weaver 2. Ulani The Unicorn Elf Personalised Name Print from Twinkle Star Art 3. Vintage Cufflinks from Olden 4. Hot Pink Unicorn from Jenna Michelle 5.Clock from Double Trouble Design 6. A Walk In The Forest Prints, Mirrors, Pendants from Serpent Mandalas 7.1980s My Little Pony Unicorn from Black Scottie Treasure 8. Vintage Rotating Music Box from Zipidy Do Dah

Unicorns are aware that the horses are always trying to pass old cow horn off as genuine unicorn horn. They caution against the purchase of horn from anyone other than a genuine unicorn. Having said that they did share with me some tests that can be carried out to check for authenticity:
* Place scorpions under a dish with a piece of horn. If the scorpions die in a matter of hours, the horn is real.
* Feed arsenic to pigeons, followed by a dose of Unicorn horn. If the pigeons live, the horn is genuine.
* Draw a ring on the floor with the horn. If the horn is real, a spider will not be able to cross the ring.
* Place the horn in cold water. If the water bubbles but remains cold, the horn came from a Unicorn.

Opening Graphic from Miruna Uzdris


Kate8085 said...

Have you ever seen the cartoon movie, "The last Unicorn"?
Terrifying, I can't believe I watched it as a wee one.
I love the pretty, pretty princess room.

ArtSnark said...

what fun!

There was an irreverent drawing posted of a unicorn bungy jumping over at last week, by the way

Gabbi said...

Wonderful post as always... you just sent me on a lovely unicorn flight of fancy. I'm thinking I need a unicorn dress and also of all the test the water one is the one I'd go with... (too fun!)

Renee said...

Chrisy this is exactly what I needed today.

Something dreamy and lovely and full of magic.

I am now dreaming about my visit to you. And our little grandchildren playing together.

I love it.

Renee xoxo

Sam said...

Pure magic Chrisy! They really are such pretty things - the bedrooms are my faves here I think although that unicorn slip dress is pretty special too!! Have a lovely weekend!

littlechrissy said...

Fantastic! I love the ways to test for a real unicorn, although I would be too frightened to ask for a piece of their horn :-)

FrenchBlue said...

So enchanting and such a big treat! You are SO whimsical and I love being here~ Thank you for being such a bright light...

edward and lilly said...

hehe, that was great! I love the unicorn horn tips.

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

I am totally smitten with the blue colored room..unicorn and castle. So much fun! Now if only I could find my very own unicorn...

Flores Hayes said...

your horses collections are awesome! love them!
Flor (

Anonymous said...

What a cool collection. Happy birthday horses!

Gabriela said...


I love these murals, fabulous!

~ Gabriela ~

Slyde said...

that mural is OUTSTANDING!

Meghann LittleStudio said...

Wow, great post! I LOVE that pink room...even hubby liked the mural...maybe if I paint our room like that while he is at work he won't notice... :)

Rose said...

Oh those painted walls are amazing! And that pink unicorn is adorable.
I profer unicorns than horses, they are just so majical, so im so glad this post was about unicorns.


lyptis said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment!:)
I never knew about gonks before, i googled it and it came up with all sorts of creepy creatures!:O

Ur unicorn post is very lovely, the rooms are great and the painting of the little girl with the unicorn is too!
And i want this dress!!:D Its Awesome!!

Hey Harriet said...

Too funny! The wacky testing techniques of unicorn horns cracked me up. A very happy belated birthday to all the horses for yesterday. And for the unicorns. For whenever their birthday was actually celebrated :)

Twinkle Star Art said...

Lovely unicorn post. I think the only horn test I would be game to do is the last. Very funny! Thanks for including my Unicorn Princess art print :)

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