Saturday, July 25, 2009


I’ve been thinking about my blog lately, about its focus. I’m pleased I went in the direction of supporting other artists. That’s you…yes you! You help me to remember the spark that lives in all of us, sometimes dim but always ready to be flamed.

It doesn’t matter what we work with - paint, thread, discarded rubbish, plants, words, film, song. It might be a huge oil painting; or the placement of an object on a desk.

It doesn’t matter if the end product isn’t a concrete thing…maybe it’s the whispered response to a loved one’s request before sleep ‘Tell me a story...’ the ‘Once upon a time’…the ‘Imagine if…’.

Candle photos via Country Living

All that matters is that creativity enriches this experience that we call life.


Reflections at my place. Not candles, but mirrors. Not for looking into, but for reflecting.

I sit down at the table. One of my fists is clenched so tight. And in my head, a person who was out walking and walking in the dark comes to a little house with a light on. Waits at the door for a moment, and then goes in. Finds such a welcome that she stays. Excerpt from True to Form by Elizabeth Berg


Talk about giving away the store I think this group is giving away the country! Head over HERE for giveaways and sale items all weekend from Australian sellers having a Christmas in July sale and promo!

I received this skirt last week from Angel Lea Designs one of the Australian sellers taking part in the promotion. Angel is offering 20 percent off all items this weekend. I won a giveaway over at Aussie Handmade Giveaways (head over to this site too for continual giveaways) for a pair of boys trousers from Angel's store. She was kind enough to subsitute this skirt for me when I asked. Talk about customer service!

And for inspiring eye candy - Karen over at My Desert Cottage is hosting a party where bloggers show readers their creative spaces. Check out all these beautiful studios. Droolworthy.

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland...a taste....HERE
and apparently the following is just a fan made mock up....


Twice Remembered said...

What a lovely and inspiring post!

"All that matters is that creativity enriches this experience that we call life." I love that thought- well spoken and so very true!

Claire said...

I love the staircase photo and the whole look and feel of your blog. Thanks for the Alice trailer as well.

Sam said...

Oh! So lovely! Your blog is a song to creativity Chrisy - yours especially! P.S. Can't wait to see Alice - it looks a little dark but best of all it's got Johnny and I really like that aspect especially!

Mika said...

Hello, that alice trailer is so cool. I watch it over and over again. So looking forward to that movie. Hope to see you around. Mika (

Anonymous said...

The trailer for Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland is here:

The one on You Tube isn't for Tim Burton's film, it is a fan made trailer with collected images from various films such as the Illusionist, Charlie and the Chocolate factory etc.

Jetta's Nest said...

Hey Chrisy

I'm loving the sentiment painted on those stairs.

Can't wait for Alice!


Chrisy said...

Thanks Anonymous...have added in your's a mysterious world out there in wonderland....

June said...

What a beautiful post. Wonderful thoughts and images. You made my day my friend. thank you. Also love Tim Burtons Alice in wonderland ... cant wait lol.
Hugs June x

A Touch of Dutch said...

Great blog entry, as always :-)
I enjoy the candle light photos! Very beautiful!

Have a great weekend!

Jodie LeJeune said...

Okay Chrisy, you come over and peek without hardly saying a played so quietly ;)

I come over to play and, and, you have all of this eye candy on your blog, you have me hooked! Awesome blog fun!

This was a great post...I'm off to see more!!!

everything vintage

AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

Awesome post.

**** Your blog looks like it's magical *****

Rose said...

Hi Christy, another great post! I love the dancing in front of the moon image, makes me miss my bf! strange i know lol :)
The first picture of the staircase is lovely, i must write that down :)
Congrats on winning the giveaway also.


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

LOVE the staircase...
What a great post and congrats on winning the giveaway!

Meghann LittleStudio said...

What a great post. I hope you feel well and have a great weekend of sunshine, happiness and blessings :)

Karen Cole said...

So Many things to look at here Chrisy. How DO you find them all? Great reflections!!!

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

What a wonderful philosophy you've shared here. Love the stairs and the sentiment about uplifting others - so good to meet you. Now off to see Alice!

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hello Christy,

I totally love the stair rise sentiments...I've got a staircase leading to my studio that I could do that on!

Your blog is so wonderful. I always love visiting you.

I'm one of the bloggers in the Where Bloggers Create...please drop by to see my "studio in progress"..I've just recently moved into this house and I've been remodeling for almost three months and still counting..but it's getting there slowly but surely!

Have a great day,

Gabbi said...

Wonderful blog mission and thoughts. 'Imagine if' and the quote on the stairs will haunt for me the rest of the day...♥

Emjie said...

The staircase captured my attention. T he whole entry was a great read. Thank you.

Hey Harriet said...

You do such a beautiful job of showcasing artists here on your blog Chrisy! I've discovered so many new favourites since you started blogging and I certainly appreciate the effort that must goes into sourcing all of these amazing artists you feature! Please don't ever stop! Just one little suggestion...could you feature some of your won artwork from time to time? I love what you do and it would be good if you shared some here :)

Hey Harriet said...

Oh and I forgot to say how much I'm looking forward to seeing Alice in Wonderland! I'm so excited about this film!!!

Hot Fudge said...

Love the skirt and the staircase Chrisy, and like you, I'm really looking forward to seeing Alice in Wonderland after seeing the trailer at the movies.

planettreasures said...

Your blog is alawys surprising, stimulating and entertaining.
Looking forward to Alice, just watched 'Sweeny Todd' this week.

The Stapelia Company said...

First of all, Iove all those candle pics. Candles really DO add something to a space. And that staircase is amazing! I would love to do that in my house. And lastly... I can't WAIT for Alice in Wonderland to come out. Seriously. The previews blew my mind. ;)

Renee said...

Dear friend, I didn't know you were sick. I hope that you are starting to feel better now.

Chrisy I want to thank you so much for sending me your love. I could feel it.

Love Renee xoxo

Mimi said...

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flossy-p said...

mmmm, Can't wait for Alice in Wonderland!!!! :D

p.s. Thanks so much for the hilarious wedding video. It made me laugh so hard, and gave me a few ideas too ;) ...well, maybe, hehehe.