Wednesday, January 27, 2010



Uplifting - photograph above by Tim Walker and below photographs and curation by Mariale Vitsky

Also uplifting is artists supporting other artists. One of these is Adelle who has a Best Craft Blogs poll in progress. Have a look at the blogs featured, including mine (ahem) and VOTE for the blog that you think is best. I’m just stoked to be nominated. A big thank you to all of you who've already voted, left comments, twittered.


When you visit Adelle’s site have a look at her artworks. There’s sculpture and painting and the resin jewellery she sells in her etsy store. My favourite section is the lesson plans. Here you’ll find instructions for simple to more complex projects – something for all ages and skill levels. Featured above are Adelle's ‘garden’ chair, a resin bangle and ring, and a lamp made from chicken wire and fabric.


Another talented and supportive artist is Julie-Ann Bowden. Through Heavenleigh Art, Julie-Ann regularly makes prints of her stunning work available for free download.

I would venture to warn against too great intimacy with artists as it is very seductive and a little dangerous. [Queen Victoria] Here's to living dangerously!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bird Lovers Down Under


left: art by devon smith of deerface

Following are other Down Under girls who love birds. Yes I know there are plenty of boys down here who love birds too. But, like the cassowary, they can be illusive.


1. girl’s dress from hot fudge 2. chenille rattle from leahkl 3. diary from naomi orana 4. owl pendant from stella light designs 5. print from matou n peluche 6. bag from marilyn cardinal of missy mao mao 7. owl tic tac toe from annettes creations 8. swan painting from blossom n bird

talented lino artist betty jo has set up a flying ducks pool on flickr

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Arty People's Spaces


Row 1: Lisa Congden at Bird in the Hand Home Pics / Art Store
Row 2: Jeffry Laneright has has art available for purchase through his blog where you'll also find some decor pics.
Row 3: Kim from Trampoline
Home Pics / Vintage Goods Store
Row 4: Vanessa Valencia from A Fanciful Twist Art Store / Home Pics
Row 5: Libby Alexander of Alexander Salvage Home Pics / Vintage Goods Store
Row 6: Keri from Walldancers Art Store / Home Pics

It’s fun to peek into the homes of those who do clever things with their décor. I particularly like seeing the way art and vintage treasures are displayed. Interiors are difficult to photograph well. I'm glad these artists persevered. Even with today's technology, it's not easy to capture in a camera the view that we see with our eyes. From when I was very young, at particular times, I've pretended that my eyes were a camera. I've taken the shots and stored them. It's not difficult to access them myself. But it's tough to convey the vision to others. Maybe I need to practise painting word pictures...

from Redeem Designs

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Just between you and me

1. From Desira Pesta a set of nine little pillows for you to tell your secrets to. These little friends will…’gaze amorously into your eyes for hours on end, regardless of how big your hair is today or how much mascara you got all over your face when you went swimming’. 2. Choose a blond, brunette or redhead retro style 'head' pillow from Vintage Jane.

Send your own secrets to Post Secret, or be a voyeur and read other's.


1. Excerpt from The Secret Garden 2. 'Stone' Cushions from Livingstones

Tuesday, January 5, 2010



1. The Tailwind Coat from Bomb ‘n Belle Clothing 2. Mens Vintage Vest from Vintage Suits 3. Sterling Silver Pocket Magnifying Glass from Silvercraft 4. The Five Elements Leather Journals Set from Azenrain 5. Script via Don’t Touch My Moleskin

1. Valentina Vos 2. via Reckon

Friday, January 1, 2010

Joy-full of it - with plenty to share


As the fireworks disappeared and the illuminated sky turned dark, a group of golden orbs floated about surrounding me. It's true! Some said it was the New Year drinks, or the pyrotechnics afterglow, but I don't think so. These translucent treasures brushed my skin and oh the pure pure joy that flowed from them. Can you see those little orbs of joy? Go on and catch one! Feel it sitting feather like on your fingers; oozing joyfulness.

(submitted too as part of this Three Muses Challenge Something Old Something New)

Yes I'm sure these joy-full orbs will bounce off occasionally in 2010. But I think they'll come back. I plan on keeping my joy vibes close this year. Above is a little arty prompt that I sewed up yesterday. To remind me that being full of it doesn't have to be a negative. To remind me if I forget.

1. Fabric Clock by Amor and Stitch 2. Handsewn Happy New Year Mozzie via Two Left Hands 3. Big Embroidered Cushions from Lei Li La Loo