Thursday, June 26, 2014

Street Style

 photo streetstyle3_zps6b389f87.jpg
photo via keishikibi
Hi darlings. I've curated a team page for the Australian Wandarrah Team, titled Australian Street Style. Go have a look at it here; share it on your facebook; tweet it; then come on back here of course!
.... photo australianstreetstylefireshot_zpsda70df43.jpg
This page gives a look at street fashion from around the globe. It's fabulous.
 photo StreetStyle2viabuzzfeeddotcom_zps1f879467.jpg

For a more upmarket look, grab one of the above ensembles. And let's not forget the guys.

What do I wear 'on the street'? Black and denim are my style. A confession...I'm not overly interested in fashion. I like to be smart but comfortable and I hate shopping in shopping centers/malls! I do like pottering around thrift shops though. How about you; what are you wearing now?