Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Back to where we came from...

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1. The Life and Times Photograph by Jamie Bollenbacher of JKB Fine Photography 2. Sea of Bedclothes Photograph from Ooh Pretty Shiny 3. Draped in Red Painting by ArtBG 4. Sculpture from Theatron Italian Art 5. Gold Dawn Oil Painting from Art of Eric Chapman 6. Rainy Day Painting by Larisa Berezova of Art From Russia Store 7. The Two Brothers, Timekeeper Series Assemblage/sculptures by Sandi McAslan Fairies 8. Mixed Media Photograph from Violet Dart


Monday, September 3, 2012

Head over heels....

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I was drawn to the pictures above not just because of the beautiful headpieces, but by the exquisite photography skills of these artists. Go check out their stores for more inspiration - top to bottom, 1. Honey Pie Love 2. The Prancing Fox 3. Myrakim 4. The House of Kat Swank
And now for the heels section of the post... Have you noticed those beautiful old wooden shoe lasts for sale? Just do an etsy search and you'll find plenty, all reasonable priced. Below are some ideas for displaying them at your place.
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1. Bookend from Budget Vintage 2. Hat n Coat Hanger via Mamie Janes 3. Planter from Airy Obsessions 4. Shoe Display Tree via Forever Decorating