Thursday, November 24, 2011

It's a mystery but it's wonderful..this poetry


Collage by Garrie Stewart at Empty Is The Morning

There's trouble in the classroom
for two words have escaped
and cannot be found.
Are they over there
under the singing desk? No.
Do they lurk, perhaps, inside
the snowing cupboard? No.
All day we search:
on top of, under, inside.
We've given up and are leaving
when someone notices a movement
behind the heater in the corner.
Going over
we peer into the dusty space
and there, huddled like little-people,
holding each other in a desperate clutch
we find them -
two tender, lilting words: fur bravery.

Ltd Edn Lion Print from Jacqui Oakley

What could they mean lying there?
How did they ever find themselves together?
We shift uneasily,
not sure how to respond to this transgression,
knowing only that the sensual shape of them is real -
They are like children who have crossed the borders into physical love
and we do not know whether to disturb them.
But of course we do.

Lionheart linocut on papercut proof by Sonia Romero via She Rides the Lion

When at last we turn out the light -
the words returned safely to the dictionary -
we hear the rustling sound of language on the move
and know that no mere rule of syntax
will ever hold these words in thrall again.

The whole soaring lifting life of them jumps.

['Fur Bravery' in Thicknesses of the Heart: poems by Peter Hall]

Bronze by Art By Fabrice

Monday, November 14, 2011

Reusing lovely fabrics...


artist above: Beta Wilczek


above 1. Pillow from Cocoon Designs 2. Felted cardigan from Altered Wool 3. Maori dress from Toolgrrl 4. Girls overalls from Whispering Willows 5. Mens hooden jacket from La Tatine 6. Capelet from Peppermint Pink 7. Footstool from Unchanging Grace 8. Dolls from A Little Vintage Store
When I go into an op/thrift shop, other than finding a surprise treasure, the most wonderful thing for me is running my hands and eyes over the plethora of gorgeous fabrics. Yes the top will be too big; the dress too small; the skirt the wrong color for me; but the fabrics! Sometimes they make their way into my 'stash'. Sometimes they get made into a completely different article. Sometimes I just enjoy looking at them! Check out the artists' shops at the top of the post for lots of ideas for reclaiming fabrics. And what about these videos - each so different in tone but both equally inspiring.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Havin your dress n eating it too at the Salon du Chocolat Paris


[photo The Little Reporter]

The Salon du Chocolat is a yearly trade fair for the international chocolate industry. The 17th Salon du Chocolat was held in Paris 20th-24th October 2011. The event kicked off in style with the annual chocolate fashion show. Each year, fashion designers and chocolatiers from around the world come together to create chocolate covered outfits for a fashion show featuring French models and celebrities. Let's get a group tour organised for the 2012 event!