Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spreading those secret wings + giveaway

We cry that we are weak although
We will not stir our secret wings;
The world is dark - because we are
Blind to the starriness of things.

We pluck our rainbow-tinted plumes
And with their heaven-born beauty try
To fledge nocturnal shafts, and then
Complain ‘Alas! we cannot fly!’

We mutter ‘All is dust’ or else
With mocking words accost the wise:
‘Show us the Sun which shines beyond
The Veil’ - and then we close our eyes.

To powers above and powers beneath
In quest of Truth men sue for aid,
Who stand athwart the Light and fear
The shadow that themselves have made.

Oh cry no more that you are weak
But stir and spread your secret wings,
And say ‘The world is bright, because
We glimpse the starriness of things.’

Soar with your rainbow plumes and reach
That near-far land where all are one,
Where Beauty’s face is aye unveiled
And every star shall be a sun.

Poem 'Secret Wings' by Sangharakshita. Thank you dearest Janet for sharing this. May the next couple of months in NZ be a treasured experience for you. Images - 1 via We Heart It 2 & 4 via Digital Bus Stop 3 by Someday Evermore 5 by KT Bugs 6 by Andy Prokhr and Cult via Jane-Art

I've been doing some tidying up and have put together a giveaway of interesting art 'stuff'. Some originals, some prints, cards, magazines. A real mystery bag. If you'd like to be in the draw for this loot, just leave a comment and I'll draw the winner next week, say 4 May. For a second entry just become a 'follower'. If you leave a separate comment for each entry it'll make it easier to draw a winner. Have a lovely week. May you soar.
And the winner is....comment number 5..Kylie C...I'll be in touch. Thanks everybody for takin the time to enter.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


When I moved here to Toowoomba a couple of months ago, this little wallaby came to visit. The first time I saw her, she was stretched out on the grass, looking like a piece of toffee, hence the name 'Taffy'. Taffy did enjoy nibbling on pumpkin seed bread.
Over the course of a few weeks I noticed Taffy becoming more rotund. Was the little feeding I was doing too much? Was I creating an obese native creature?
Then out popped a little head. 'Pumpkin' had shown herself (or himself, who knows?).

My first YouTube upload! I promise they'll get better...
A few accessories for frollicking with marsupials - dress from Lyptis, baby pod from Sunset Crochet, ears from Bang Bang Crash

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Would you like this dance...it could take a while...

A quick post…this song just won’t get out of my head…you know what it’s like…usually they hang around for a few days…but this one’s been creeping in for a couple of weeks now....demanding attention. So, for all those who love - gay or straight, romantic or non romantic, sexual or non - this is for you…