Thursday, April 29, 2010

Feeling beauty and wondering...

photos by Cig Harvey

To feel beauty is a better thing than to understand how we come to feel it.
[George Santayana]

Sorry it's taken me so long to post again. Unavoidable as there was a bug in the system - the computers not mine! Tho when I watch Seminova dance I wonder if it's possible for somebody twice her age to become this lithe again, and more importantly, as healthy as they were at her age. Is it possible...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No blog post prepared...some scatterings...


via The Selby

As they say, ‘I got nothin here.’ A few pics I like. That’s it. Maybe they’re telling me something - I need to put a swing up in my house? play in forbidden places? bath outside? not just swim but dive? drag a mattress onto the lawn and sleep under the stars?


via Pixdaus [No shoes! I wasn't allowed to go one day of my childhood without shoes. These days I'm barefoot most of the time. And yet my first instinct as I look at this pic is to say 'Put some shoes on darling or you'll hurt yourself']


'Photobooth' original painting by Jamie Hudrlik via ScribbleME [I love it that Hudrlik’s paintings are so large – this one over six feet wide - and they're on unstretched canvas - for easy postage - and they're so gorgeous/colourful/evocative]


Forestiere Gardens, Fresno via Knor Q [A garden. Space to play.]


Opalescent Earrings from Namaste Designs [I want to dive into these earrings, swim to the hidden passage, and swim off to unexplored worlds]


via UK Telegraph [No need for a wooden frame, just give me the mattress and the bedding, and most importantly the stars unobliterated by city lights]

Ummmmm....just typing this post has inadvertently gathered scattered thoughts for me to ponder.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Flying With Renee


'Flying With Renee' is an original embroidery on vintage linen sewn to represent the precious moments I shared with Renee. When she was unwell, Renee and I would take little trips together. Planned ahead of time, and undertaken simultaneously on both sides of this earth, Renee and I would close our eyes and reach out to each other. Sometimes, holding hands we'd rise together and fly. Light as feathers and bubbling with laughter, over the cities, over the mountains, over the seas we’d fly. There was no pain. There was no sadness. Just pure joy. And I'd look across at her and know that she was part of me, and I a part of her. We were one. The way we all are. When the trip ended that pure joy lingered. It’s still there. In the blink of an eye I am with you my precious girl, flying.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A bird house I like and would whistle for...


The Bird House designed by Hutchison and Maul


I’ve always had trouble with the ‘finger whistle’ but just know I could master it for this bird house. Just back from nearly two weeks away and not particularly organised yet. Thanks for hangin in there.