Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What's hiding in your attic?

Yes I know it’s been ages. I do my best but life is very full and very exciting. It's those 'dares' you see! No more! Today I'll do a little 'sharing' instead. I’ve discovered a great store on Etsy – Papa’s Vintage Photo Box. Jane uses photographs taken by her Papa in the 50s and early 60s as the basis for her artworks. She enhances the old images, sometimes adding new graphics, sometimes adding color, but never taking away from the atmosphere of her Papa’s original vintage photos. You can take a nostalgic journey through time and place as you wander through her store with more images waiting to be uploaded.
   photo papamaximsparis_zpsbdec8451.jpg photo papagirlsboat_zps0f32a5c8.jpg photo papasphinx_zps4b1ea798.jpg photo papamotorbikeridersguernsey_zps580b14ea.jpg photo papapigsireland_zpsff1605a2.jpg
I know many of you are heading into spring in your part of the world; here we’re nearly in autumn. As the first chilly evenings set in I find myself thinking of hibernation, cosiness and comfort. So, in the absence of an open fireplace of my own (airconditioning just doesn’t have the ambience does it) this little gif appealed.
And for some other soothing sounds (maybe for snuggling up in bed) here are a couple of videos with sound.
If I don't visit here again before Easter, I wish you a very happy one!  photo PenguinWithBunnyEarsRunningjpg_zps8b2c9eef.gif