Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Can you hear the quiet?


Silence. It comes
To you: all this is made of silence. All
The patchwork tonnage of millenniums,
The sun-built cliff, the trees
Which reeve the boulders to the sky, the
Light-dusted river that’s about to stall,
So slow its downstream glide:
You’re spellbound by inaudibilities,

And simply sit
To wait possession out. Now every sound
That skiffs your hearing till you notice it –
The strokes of air that comb
The foliage, the freshets, birdsong
Sketches –
Emerges from and forms a mesh around
That silence, where it stretches
Suspended like a geodesic dome.
[stanza 3 and 4 from Euroka by Stephen Edgar]the poetry of Edgar is a recent discovery for me...i am awestruck by it...


all photographs from astrophotographer Laurent Laveder (how much fun would it be to be an astrophotographer!)

Where do you find your silence? Mine is usually found as I sit quietly in the garden. Or sometimes when lost in doing a piece of art. Mostly it comes when I'm meditating;in that space, that millisecond, after exhaling.
Of course, there are very few moments of real silence for most of us. But that’s okay; it’s the listening really that matters. Really listening, being aware of the mundane sounds, the lovely sounds, the grating sounds. Being there in that moment.


Monday, April 2, 2012

Euro Bunnies


1. Hangers from Design Atelier Article 2. The Last Bunny Ltd Edn Print from Eliza Bolli (Art)Works 3. Bunny Brooch from Krize 4. Knitted Cushion from Nervous Stitch 5. T Shirt from Tostoini 6. Snowglobe Ring from Romantic Eccentric 7. Bride Bunnies Original Painting on Book Cover from Castle On The Hill 8. Bunny Suit A3 Print from Pesce Rosso

Okay now, I hope you can settle back and have somebody lovely read this little tale to you.

Why the Easter Bunny Brings Eggs: a European folktale adapted by Jean Warren

Once upon a time, there was a King who had a very powerful magician at his court. One day, the magician gave the King a hen that laid beautiful eggs for a present. The king liked the eggs but he was greedy and he told his magician that he would like the hen better, if she could lay eggs of gold. So the Magician worked another magic spell and sure enough the hen started laying eggs of gold.

The king was delighted. He became very rich and the envy of the other kings. He kept his special hen in a golden cage next to his thrown. He knew that someday, someone would try to steal his hen, so whenever visitors came, he would have his magician come and hide the special hen and substitute an ordinary hen in the cage.

Sure enough, one day someone ran off with the hen in the golden cage. The king was glad he had had his magician switch the hens. He sent word for the magician to bring back his hen. But the next day, when the king looked in his golden cage all he found was a white rabbit. “What’s this!” said the King. “Little rabbit, how did you get in here? The King opened the cage and had his footman take the rabbit back out to the woods where he belonged. Then he called for his magician.

“Where is my magic hen?”, asked the King. I told you to bring her back. “I did bring her back,” said the magician. “I put her in the cage”, I just didn’t have time to change her back into a hen.”

They never did find the little white rabbit, but from that day forward, children found colorful eggs hidden all over the kingdom. And some say, that every once in a while someone found a golden one.

Sweet Easter dreams to you dear readers.