Thursday, June 14, 2012

thinking outside the square....

Pleated bird sculpture from Pleaty Bunny (Miss Foo from Pleaty Bunny - Mixed media assemblage made from copper etching print - which is my original plate, pleated vintage paper. Iris is a glorious and fantastical creature that would love to be at home on your wall.)
Photobucket Crocheted Wire Collar from Dragonswire (Linda Hawkins from Dragonswire - This basic collar can become whatever you wish. Wear it doubled as a collar, flip it up for Elizabethan flair, let it cascade down your back or do a Cleopatra - 1/2 front 1/2 back. When not being worn roll it up and use the pick to create a sea urchin sculpture. Rust colored electrical wire bordered on one side with iolite chips and on the other edge with graduated points of lavender artistic wire. Each point is accentuated with a chocolate baroque fresh water pearl.The pick is hand carved rose wood set with a faceted iolite.)  
Jellyfish light from 10tacles (Charles Brandon of 10tacles -This collection of sculpture and lighting attempts to capture the fragile beauty of one of the earth's most mesmerizing inhabitants- the jellyfish. Each piece is meticulously hand-built, primarily consisting of reclaimed plastic beverage bottles and silicone rubber caulking- straight from the tube! I custom make my own nozzle tips, to achieve a wide array of tentacle shapes and art form unto itself! Their tops (or "bells") are created using acrylic plastic domes and recycled platic bottles (and various other recycled plastic containers), using a torch and engraving tools. Each tentacle is made, dyed, and attached- one at a time.
Raku Mary from Oscar Crow (Harry Wood from Oscar Crow - Starting with a vintage Mary figure from an archeology dig in Thuringa Germany I restored the broken parts and cast the result for raku firing. Each reproduction is hand molded,hollow and fired in bisque. Then painted with metallic and colored glaze and fired then placed into a container with flammable material for reduction and smoking. The result is a lovely and mysterious color change which is different every time.)
Highlighting a few artists who are doing work that is that little bit different. And in that spirit, remember this earlier post about reusing xrays artistically? Well here’s a way to use those old MRIs so that you can eat your own brain….who says chocolate's not good for the brain - or viceversa!Photobucket

Saturday, June 2, 2012

There's a new kid in town....


Mosey on over and have a look at the new online shop, Mosey, for some handmade goodness. Although based in Australia, sellers are eager to post overseas and they’ll do so swiftly. I was fortunate enough to hear about this shop through Missy Mao Mao who hosted a giveaway of Mosey products. Guess who won…yes it was moi. The four top products arrived at my place…how exciting! So I thought I’d mention Mosey on this blog so that you could get a hold of some of this lovely loot too.

A few of the Mosey offerings above 1. purse from missy mao mao 2. biscuit from epicurean biscuits 3. bookmark by page 47 4. soy candle from mi amor candles 5. porcelain milk bottles by urban cartel 6. vw journal by left hand books 7. rose gold star necklace from argenton designs 8. vintage brooch bouquet by nicsbuttonbuds 9. peg baskets by handmade peg baskets 10. girl's blouse by little star clothing 11. mr fox felt softie from once upon a time 12. maui musk mens' sold perfume from pacific perfumes  13. black owl satchel from missy mao mao

(I know my blogposts have been spasmodic's been hectic in a number of areas....thanks for bearing with me)