Sunday, May 31, 2015

A little update

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Just a few random images I like. First is my latest Frida Kahlo photomontage (available here), and the other two photos are images I saw on Facebook...I don't have any references as they'd done the rounds on tumblr and I couldn't find the end of the trail! 
Today I'd like to curl up in that gypsy wagon and pretend everything in my life is okay. Mum is very ill with cancer; I spend most of my time with her these days. This is 'life' I know and mostly I can be grateful and 'in the moment' but the last couple of days she's been crying a lot. It breaks my heart. 

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kj said...

chrisy, i'm so so sorry about your Mom. Maybe you can't stop her tears but you are holding her close. What act of love will be with you always. my Mother died in december--it was fast--one week--so i was able to stay with her and help her die but it was hard and sad and emotional. i will never regret it.

i hope you are able to take some time for yourself, to replenish in some way too.

sending prayers,